The system becomes extremely hot and shuts off suddenly

The system becomes extremely hot and shuts off suddenly. The solution to the problem is mentioned below.

computer System
System extremely hot and shuts off suddenly.


1 | Take off the casing.

2 | The CPU and the processor fan must be removed carefully from the motherboard. But the processor cannot be removed.

3 | Maybe there is a lot of dust on the inside or on the heat sink that is blocking the air flow. As a result, the CPU cannot cool down

4 | Heat sink and clean the fan thoroughly and reinstall. Now close the cabinet and start the computer.

5 | If the solution is not taken to a local service center.

Shutdown computer problem fix solution suddenly.


1 | Take a good look at the motherboard carefully. Note that there are problems with leakage or opening up from the faulty capability.

2 | Carefully turn the computer on if the IC or component is producing excess heat, but the board should not be shorted. If that sounds like it, go to a good service center for repairs.

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