Hanging mobile phone problem solutions.

Hanging-mobile phone problem solutions.

Hope friends are good. Today we will talk about the cause and solution of hanging mobile and overheating problem fix

In the age of technology we all use mobile phones. Many times our phones get overheated and hang. This makes us very angry. Let’s not know because the mobile phone is overheating and hanging.

Because the mobile phone is hot and hanging

Hanging mobile
Hanging mobile solutions

1 | If you install additional apk on mobile. The mobile will hang and warm

2 | If the phone’s internal memory is full, the mobile will hang and warm

3 | Excessive pressure on the mobile will hang and warm (eg if you are using a facebook or watching a video on Youtube or playing a game, this causes additional pressure on the processor of the phone which causes the phone to hang or heat.

Mobile is a way to protect against hot and hang.

1 | Always try to install less apps on the phone. Install and uninstall the required app and use it again.

2 | Never use Internal Memory on the phone Always use SD card (Extranal memory card).

3 | Never manage multiple apps on the phone at once.

How natural it is to be Mobile

Your phone can be heated up to 35-47 degrees Celsius for normal mobile use. If you think your phone is always hot like this then you may have problems with your phone.


The processor is the first responsible for heating the smartphone. The processor is the main part of your phone. That does everything on your phone. Whether you use the phone or not, the processor is always up and running. And this processor is constructed with semiconductor material. And there are many tiny tiny electrons inside. When the processor does its job, these electrons run from place to place (in simple terms). And during these races, the electrons collide within themselves and produce heat. That is, the more work your processor produces, the more heat it produces. If you work less, like just talking on the phone, or listening to music, your phone will be less hot. But if you think you are playing games and downloading and downloading files from the Internet simultaneously, then your phone’s processor will naturally need more work, and that will make your phone warmer.

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