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How to Income by blogging?

Assalamu Alaikum Hello friends hope everyone is well. Today we will talk about how to make income make many online by blogging. lets start. Before long blogging was used by people as a diary. One of two types of blogs is public blog and one is secret blog. In this age, people are earning make many online by sharing the stories of their daily life with the unknown. The thing is, how do you blogging is a website you need to blogging then you have to choose a blogger or wardpress CmS and create a website on that cms. If you have to regularly post unique things that will help people. Be warned that if someone’s post cannot be copied, you will not get adsense and you will not be able to generate income, so all of this should be your own content. You can Apply for adsense by posting on 20/30 but if your blogger cms your site should be 3 months and you can apply any time if you have wardpress. You will get adsense within 2/6 days if the content is good. And if you get adsense ads on your site will be your income. I hope you can understand how to blog. If you like this post, please share. I will be good to stay healthy today and will come back again in the future with my website and thank you.

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