How to get adsense on blogger site?

How to get adsense on blogger site

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Hope all is well today I will tell you how to work you will get adsense account very easily on your site. So let’s get started 1 No: The best 2 cms to get adsense aprof is that you work on both platforms, blogger and wardpress. It is very easy to get adsense. 2 No: There is no problem if you have a free theme that can be customized using a beautiful theme on the site. Rangking on the free theme is a little less available but good. 3 No: You need to create useful pages on the site, such as #About, # terms & conditions #Disclaimer #privacy policy. 4 No: You must write 100% unic article on the website. No article can be copied or copied violates Google’s rules. You will never get adsense if you copy. 5 No: If there is no apk link movie link hacking etc posted on the site then google adsense rules will be violated so you will not get adsense. 6 No: The blogger site must be at least 6 months of age to apply adsense and there is no time limit on wardpress. By following the above rules you will find 100% google adsense on your site. I hope you like my post if you like it, please share it with your friends and let them know about these rules. So far today. Will appear with you on something better in the future. Take care of yourself then stay healthy Thanks to my website.

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