The computer hangs on display when power is turned on

The computer hang on display when power is turned on.

The computer hang up after display on Power On, the correct solution to the problem is mentioned below.

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computer hang


1 | Step 1: Power off the computer and carefully open the data cable and power supply cable connected to the open hard disk, CD-ROM or DVD on one side of the casing and restart the computer by connecting them one at a time to the appropriate place. If the problem is solved then read Solution 2 if not better.

2 | Step 2: From motherboard to ram, processor, power supply connection, everyone should test it properly. Are there any faults or loops at the cable connection? If you have the same problem, read your number 3 solution.

3 | Step 3: Processors, RAM, hard disk and other accessories from another good computer should be tested using this motherboard. If the motherboard is OK or not, then add a new one.

computer hang

Note: Many times the keyboard and mouse port of the motherboard behind the casing is looped, but in case of such a problem, you will have to try with the connection connection.

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