Boot disk failure or hard disk not found!

Boot Disk or Hard Disk Not Found problem fix solution

The solution

1 | Open the casing by turning off the power of the computer and check the data cable connected to the motherboard and the hard disk drive and if there is a line loop at the connection of the power cable to the hard disk from the power supply unit, if there is a loop then the cable should be connected properly.

2 | Following the jumper setting diagram on the back of the hard disk, the jumper should be set correctly to see if the drive’s jumper setting is OK.

3 | Enter the BIOS on your computer and check the hard disk drive from the BIOS option on the Auto or Manually Detector. If the problem is not resolved then install your hard disk on another good computer. Does the hard disk work? If that does not work then purchase another hard disk in your computer and install it on your computer.
Caution If you do not have special ideas about computers, who is a wise person to work with

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